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assignment 3 - r m 8 An attribute that cannot be further...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Complete each statement. 1. The Chen model is especially useful to illustrate some of the ______data_______ elements of database design. er model useful to illustrate elements of database 3. Participation is __Optional______ if one entity occurrence does not require a corresponding entity occurrence in a particula 4. In order to meet _performance_____ requirements, you may have to denormalize some relations. 5. ____normalization_____ is a process to help reduce the likelihood of data anomalies. 6. Data redundancies are caused by ___duplication______ of data on every row entry. 7. Because a partial dependency can exist only if a table's primary key is composed of several attributes, a table whose ___p
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Unformatted text preview: r m 8. An attribute that cannot be further divided is said to display ____simple attribute_____. 9. When a nonkey attribute is the determinant of a key attribute the table is in 3NF but not ____BCNF_______. 2. The Crowhs Foot notation depicts the strong relationship with a(n) _____boxes________ line between the entities. Crowhs Foot represent pictures strong relationship with 10. The ____ERD_________ provides the big picture, or macro view, of an organizationhs data requirements and operations...
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  • Spring '08
  • Cooper,C
  • Entity-relationship model, Database normalization, Crow, strong relationship, corresponding entity occurrence, pictures strong relationship

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