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Jenkins, John Chapter 3

Jenkins, John Chapter 3 - 14 Surge or Spike 15 NLX 16...

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1. A measure of electrical pressure differential. 2. 110 V 3. Black, Black 4. A transformer is a device that changes the ratio of current to voltage. A rectifier is a device that converts alternating current to direct current. A PC power supply functions as both a transformer and a rectifier. 5. -12V, +12V, -5V, +5V, 3.3V 6. As processors began to require more power, the 4 pin aux connector was added near the processor socket to provide an additional 12V of power. 7. 24 8. ATX 9. Grounding is connecting the line directly to the earth so that out-of –control electricity (caused by a short) has an escape route. Otherwise the uncontrolled electricity would flow indefinitely. An upside-down T over 2 receding horizontal lines. 10. A transistor 11. Because it contains a capacitor which stores an electrical charge even after current has been removed from the unit. 12. An arrow pointing right into a capitol T lying on its left side. 13. By tuning an AM radio into the lowest frequency range and hearing the EMI on the radio.
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Surge or Spike 15. NLX 16. Minitower, Miditower, Full Tower, Desktop – Miditower is most popular. 17. Requires shorter cables, More efficient positioning of CPU in relation to expansion slots, made upgrading easier 18. (1) PC appears dead – no sign of electrical activity (2) Several unsuccessful boots prior to successful boot (3) intermittent errors during boot (4) burnt smell 19. Hard drive & monitor 20. Hibernation 21. Advanced Power Management (APM ) 22. If they display the Energy Star logo at boot. 23. Joules 24. So that you can be certain you still have surge protection – even though you might still have working power plugs – surge protection may not be working. 25. inline, standby 26. It comes with utility software that will perform various other functions such as monitoring, proper shut-down, notification, etc. 27. size, placement of slots and chips on the board 28. NLX, LPX, Mini-LPX 29. Make sure that the vents and fans are dust free. 30. BTX...
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