Sociology Exam - Sociology Exam 2 Apply race class and...

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Sociology Exam 2 Apply race, class, and stratification upon each marker. What’s stratification? What characteristics are used to determine stratification? Race, income, Picture taken from great depression- what’s the purpose of this picture in regards to stratification? What’s social mobility? What’s the difference between wealth and income? Wealth is something you already have, income is what you make. Rich men have more wealth. Champagne-glass distribution- Marx stratification theory was it correct? Marx did not consider social mobility. Wealth is often confused with income, the two words describe related, but very different things. Wealth consists of those items of economic value that an individual owns, while income is an inflow of items of economic value. Wealth is a person’s net worth, expressed as: wealth=assets-liabilities The relation between wealth, income, and expenses is: change of wealth = income- expenses If you own a house, you can sell the house for income; however, if you have nothing, you have no wealth and no income What’s the difference between absolute poverty and relative poverty? Absolute poverty- you are poor regardless of where you are Relative poverty-you’re poor in respect to other people around you
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Over the past 20 years, the distribution of wealth between the rich and poor increased. Intergenerational mobility vs. intragenerational mobility? What are things that affect your social mobility? Education, your parents, your appearance, race, gender, etc Other factors that affect social mobility- economy in which you reside (ie a country in a recession has reduced chances of social mobility. Children in poverty are the highest b/c they cannot work, they can’t vote (being able to vote provides the ability to delegate) Opportunities- For example, if one was born in Harlem (or any bad place in the U.S.) their opportunities are already limited. The schools, the jobs available, etc. The system of stratification makes it hard for everyone to become a doctor
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Sociology Exam - Sociology Exam 2 Apply race class and...

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