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Stratification 1. Systems of stratification a. Odds of survival on the Titanic: b. Adults: 97, 89, 40 c. Children: 100,100, 36 d. This is a stratification system based on money, a metaphor for what happens in any society e. We often don’t look for stratification, and we often don’t want to see it especially people who benefit from the stratification because it may cause them to think they don’t deserve to have what they do. People who are harmed may just give up 2. Systems of stratification a. Its not just that they’re layered, its that they’re ordered b. Sometimes we benefit, sometimes we’re at the disadvantage 3. Systems of stratification a. Formal- official, by law, system is set up specifically to stratify b. Slaves were worth 3/5 of a person c. Caste system- people are based into groups based on their genealogy d. Feudal- apartheid 4. Systems of stratification a. Not official, but still exists b. Social class- a strictly economic term c. Income- how much money you earn d. Wealth- property and assets e. Wealth differences is the biggest different b/t blacks and whites, not income f. We have a different idea of social class according to this definition g. What else is included in this definition that we consider a part of social class? h. Job, education level, where you studied, your family's accomplishments 5. Systems of stratification a. SES- these things are more stratified that social class b. Donald trump lacks the respect and honor of the NY high life society c. SES is the definition of an informal stratification system d. When we think of social class we're really thinking of SES 6. Systems of stratification a. All societies are stratified, but why? b. Functionalism- if it happens, it must serve some purpose, stratification helps make sure people do their jobs c. How does it make sure that the best people are in those positions? Money, prestige d. By classifying jobs in terms of money and prestige we can stratify society, e. There are also jobs that nobody wants, but we need them to get done
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f. Stratification makes sure we have people to do it, stratification keeps people from getting better jobs g. The way our system works, it traps people from improving and helping society grow (curing cancer) h. We all know people that got to top positions they didn’t deserve, someone that could really help should be in that position i. A functionalist would say that there are problems, but overall it works 7. Systems of stratification a. Once you have power, you’re motivated to keep it, and you’ll do what you can to do so b. Does what our government does reflect the stratification system too? c. What our government does is what is best for the members of the government 8. Systems of stratification a. Strat is not imposed from the top down, it arises from the top b. We’re always drawing lines in our society, you can’t ignore them you have to look at them Poverty and Economic Equality 1. Poverty and Economic Equality a. We are the most industrious and innovative society in the world
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Test2Notes - Stratification 1 Systems of stratification a...

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