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101810 racial ethnic inequalty

101810 racial ethnic inequalty - Poverty and Economic...

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10/18/10- Poverty and Economic Inequality Cultural Poverty Argument: o Poverty’s roots are in the way poor people live Different behavior, morals, values; parents don’t expect much of kids This ^ keeps them poor People with this view don’t try b/c they don’t believe they can get out Criticism: focusing too much on individuals, not enough on broader spectrum Structural Poverty Argument: o Poverty is not caused by individual behavior but by the way society is set up No jobs where they live, can’t afford to move Children out of wedlock (45% of births last year) A “when work disappears” argument Criticism: focusing too much on larger context, not enough on individual William Julius Wilson- sociologist o Finding the meeting ground between cultural and structural arguments Social Mobility o Moving up the ladder of social status; possible in our society o Two types: intergenerational- comparing one generation to the next
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