CHE230 - BOROUGH OF Department of Science Title of Course...

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BOROUGH OF Department of Science Title of Course: Organic Chemistry I CHE 230 Section Semester:SPRING 2008 Credits: 5 Class hours: 3 Lab hours: 4 Instructor: Carlos Alva Phone: (212) 220-1319 Office: N-659 E-mail: [email protected] Course Description This two-semester course sequence is the study of the structure and properties of the fundamental classes of organic compounds with emphasis on reactivity, reaction mechanism, stereochemistry, electronic theory and applications to allied fields. PrerequisitesICo-requisites MAT 056 CHE 201 and CHE 202. Student Learning Outcomes Students will be able to discuss and show proficiency in topics related to: P 9 Structure and bonding. Hybridization and the structure of saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons. *:* Polar Covalent Bonds and their relationship to Brernsted-Lowry and Lewis Acids and Bases. O Resonance. 9 Conformational analysis of alkanes and cycloalkanes. 9 Addition, elimination, substitution, and rearrangement reactions. 9 Structure, reactivity, reactions and synthesis of alkaues, alkenes, and allcynes. + Stereochemistry of enantiomers, diastereomers, and meso compounds. O Structure, reactivity, and synthesis of alkyl halides. e Nucleophilic substitution and elimination reactions of alkyl halides. O Synthetic organic techniques for the building of small and large molecules and to show their relationship with biological structures. 9 Organic laboratory techniques and skills to synthesize, separate, purify and characterize organic compounds. Use of Technology The lectures will be presented using Microsoft Powerpoint in a lecture room equipped with Internet connection and a LCD projector. In the laboratory, the students will become familiarized with the preparation and analysis of organic compounds using an Infrared Spectrophotometer and a Fourier-transform 60 MHz Proton and Carbon Nuclear Magnetic Resonance instrument. Required Text & Readings 1.
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CHE230 - BOROUGH OF Department of Science Title of Course...

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