discussion - 4.3.b Sol It is not possible for D to be not...

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Practical exercise chapter 4 Problem 4.6: Sol: Create table student (ID varchar(5), name varchar(20)not null, dept_name varchar(20), tot_cred numeric(3,0)check (tot_cred>=0),primary key(ID), foreign key(dept_name) references department on delete set null); Create table takes(ID varchar(5),course_id varchar(8), section_id varchar(8), semester varchar(6),year numeric(4,0), grade varchar(2), primary key(ID,course_id,section_id,semester,year), foreign key(course_id,section_id,semester,year)refernces section on delete cascade,foreign key(ID) references student on delete cascade); Create table advisor(i_id varchar(5),s_id varchar(5),primary key(s_ID), foreign key(i_ID) refernces instructor(ID) on delete set nul, foreign key(s_ID) refrences student(ID) on delete cascade); Create table prereg(course_id varchar(8),prereg_id varchar(8), primary key(course_id,prereq_id),foreign key(course_id) references course on delete cascade, foreign key(prereq_id) references course); Problem 4.3: 4.3.a Sol: Consider r=(a,b), s=(b1,c1),t=(b,d). The second expersion would give (a,b,NULL,d).
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Unformatted text preview: 4.3.b: Sol: It is not possible for D to be not null while C is null in the result of the first expression, since in the sub expressions S natural left outer join t, it is not for C to be null while D is not null. In the overall expression C can be null if and only id some r tuples does not have any matching B values. Problem 4.4 4.4.a: Sol: Instructor = {(12345,’Guass’,’Physics’,10000)} Teaches = {(12345,’EE321’,1,’spring’, 2009)} Course = {(‘EE321’,’Magnetism’,’Elec.eng.’,6)} 4.4.b: Sol: Instructor have not taught a single course, should have number of sections as 0 in the query result. 4.4.c: Sol: Select * from teaches natural join instructor; In the above query, we would lose some sections if teaches.Id is allowed to be NULL and such tuples exist. If, just because teaches.ID is a foreign key to instructor, we did not create such a tuple the error in the above query not be detected....
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discussion - 4.3.b Sol It is not possible for D to be not...

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