On November 4th

On November 4th - relatives In fact having families...

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On November 4 th , 2008, president Obama won the presidential elections with a 67% of a Latino votes. In fact, having 12,000,000, people living in U.S without permission it is one of the main reasons why particularly immigrants and Latino voter put their trust in Barack Obama and continue to believe in his word to reform immigration system. Obama needs to push congress to reform this failed immigration system and cannot ignore the urgency for immigration reform because it is humanitarian, economic, and political matter to American society. First of all, Obama emphasized the importance of reforming immigration system for humanitarian reasons. In U.S.A of those thousands of immigrants who does not have permission to live here are families. Those families have resided for years and they consider U.S. as their home country. It is so inhumane that these people live with fear every day because they are scare of one day they will get deported and not longer see their children or
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Unformatted text preview: relatives. In fact, having families separated, parents from their children affect especially these poor kids mentally and morally; for example, the cruel raids that have been going on around the community have left so many children without Mother, Father, or someone that will provide love, guide, and stability. Furthermore, these kids will grow and as a many teenagers who are living here already without permission to live in U.S., these kids will want to go to College, University, and get a master degree, but sadly they cannot apply all the knowledge their received from education in order to accomplish their dream, which is to have career. Therefore, students who are, “illegal” pay $200.00 per unit while a resident of U.S. pays only $26.00. Clearly, not been able to live a normal live without trepidation, having families been taken apart, and of course been capable of have a decent job are simply some of the humanitarian reason to reform an immigration system....
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On November 4th - relatives In fact having families...

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