The Vital Value

The Vital Value - T he Vital Value I t seems apparent that...

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The Vital Value It seems apparent that in today’s society the word love does not exist. As time passes, it gets worst every day. Love is an extraordinary value and vital for everyone, people have love for her or his friends, children, spouses, husbands, pets, etc. Loving someone brings so much happiness and peace, but sometimes can be actually extremely painful, that is when people start to give up love. Around this world are so much hate among each other and people are enormously greedy that every one care only about their self, so there is a clear sign that love is needed. Human beings have born with an amazing value, which is love, people should notice that love is not just something to believe, includes three main important areas: love never fails, love never look for its own interest, and love never brag. First of all, people who have truly loved someone know that love never fails. It is incredible that nowadays the people who get married get divorce right away just because they do not agree in something with her or his partner. In fact, 50 percent of the marriage in America gets divorce every year. On the other hand, marriages that seek for other alternatives instead of getting divorce or giving up, those people can successful have a great
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The Vital Value - T he Vital Value I t seems apparent that...

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