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1 Alondra Garcia Mr. Lawson ESL 102 January 31, 2010 Stronger Woman Have you ever experienced one of the most common feelings of being rejected because you are a different race? Racism has existed for centuries, and it has affected innumerous people’s lives. Many people believe we are becoming a more tolerant society; the fact is that people are victims of racism throughout their lives. Although racism has brought horrible negative consequences in individuals, racism has affected my life in tremendously positive ways. The most significant positive way is that I learned to confront reality while I was avoiding it. In addition, since I came to U.S.A, challenges have made a stronger woman; therefore, I been able to reach my goals. Finally, being who I am is the last positive outcome that I have accomplished. Indeed, what does not kill you make you stronger. Racism is always going to exist, so it is very vital to find the positive side of it. Racism has turned out to be a key to open my eyes and confront reality. I lived in Sonora, Mexico for 16 years, a city where most of the people are tall with white skin. Sonora is a city that has a lot of jobs, and people from others poor cities come looking for a job. Those people are very short, dark skin, and they do not have the opportunity to receive an education. While I was living there, I saw a lot of prejudice from people who were from Sonora against people who were different than them. When I was there, I did not realize the issue that was going on around this city; in fact, I thought it was normal because I was not in the same situation. A few months after my sixteen birthday, I came to U.S.A, where I saw that racism was so much more intense and of
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2 course I became a victim because I am Mexican, a different race. I asked, “What I am going to do now?” First of all, I was a victim because I was a different race, and I tried to veil it; for example, one day I was in a park sitting down on a bench when I heard some people whispering
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Essay1_Final_Garcia - 1 Alondra Garcia Mr Lawson ESL 102...

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