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1 Chaos Of Violence Just sitting in front of television for only thirty minutes to watch the daily news, the world is filled of violence every minute, every day, and everywhere. Violence has become more common in now days; the things that used to be probably the worst 10 years ago, now turn out to be just very normal to hear. There are many reasons that people can account for human being to become violent; however, family violence is one of the most ordinary and harmful that has affected uncontrollably several people’s life. Family violence is universal, not only in one region,
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Unformatted text preview: city, or country, as people can see family violence is stoppable because it is a chain of violence. If the family created an environment of violence among their children, most likely when the children wroth they will became violent with their children too; consequently, family violence is the consequences of girls becoming pregnant at the early age, teenagers getting involve in dangerous gangs then become criminals....
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