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BUS 205 Group project

BUS 205 Group project - new businesses that could benefit...

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The reason for us to keep the jobs in San Diego is that, if we decide to eliminate approximately 300 jobs, then our company would be adding up as one of the companies that have been contributing to the economic problem that our country is suffering. According to the concept of a good economy, the labor force and production is one of the main factors for the growth of a nation’s economy. Economic growth is the increase in the productive capacity of a nation, thus, when a nation grows economically, its citizens are better off in terms of their material well-being. Labor is very important to economic growth because if San Diegan-US workers have a job, then they can earn money, and this money could be spent later on goods or services that will benefits others in the same community. This money can be also used to invest in
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Unformatted text preview: new businesses that could benefit our community by giving new jobs to Americas. In other words, keeping US workers with their jobs will contribute in our nation. Most of the US production takes place in foreign countries such as China and India , and this might lower the labor cost to company, but in the long run, this action of letting the labor force take place outside the US will affect negatively our economy in terms of our economy growth and well being. Thus, employees that are replaced by foreign labor won’t have the opportunity to have a job as a factor of production, and therefore they will not have any money to contribute to the US economic growth. Economic growth is really what creates more jobs for a country; with without this a country cannot prosper....
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BUS 205 Group project - new businesses that could benefit...

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