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Juan Pesantez ESL 102 Jerald Pike The Real Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson was an important character in the history of the US for participating as the author of the Declaration on the Independence, and for being elected the third president of the United States. However, he had a negative hidden life related to his controversy over his position on slavery and his probable relationship with a slave and his two families. Jefferson had a hidden life that contradicted severely all his ideas against slavery. While he wanted to get rid of slavery, he had hundreds of African American slaves working on his fields and in his house, something he did not want to give up. One big group of dark skin slaves worked on the fields while the other little group of light dark skin served Thomas’ family in the
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Unformatted text preview: house; the situation was that the lighter skin had the slaves, the greater was the chance to work closer to the family. Thomas married Martha Wayles Skelton and had five daughters and one son with her, yet it was probable that he also held a relationship with one of his slaves, he had an affair with a slave named Sally Hemings and a study concluded that Jefferson or one of his relatives fathered at least one of Sally Hemings children. Despite of how prestigious and outstanding Thomas Jefferson was and for all the good things he achieved, it is heartrending how all these positive things can be omitted by his filthy private life and family and the contradiction about slavery that has consternated to people who know about the real Thomas Jefferson....
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