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Outline - of emergency supplements Main Idea II...

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Juan Pesantez English 100 Outline of Alarming Situation in Africa Alarming crisis of hunger, diseases and deaths are consequences of a corrupt Eastern African government, insufficient aid provisions and severe drought, affects the most vulnerable, children. Main Idea I: Lack of interest from Ethiopian government with its people, makes the government their own enemy. Ethiopian government does not even start by recognizing the severe problems of hunger, diseases and high rates of children deaths in the country. The anonymity of people, who claim for the government responsibilities, shows the fear of potential harm that the corrupt government could take against these people. Corrupt Ethiopian government does not facilitate the arrival of aid assistance. Ethiopian government extorts relief agencies by taxing them with 50% on imports
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Unformatted text preview: of emergency supplements. Main Idea II: Insufficient aid provisions. • Shortage of clinics. • Unavailability of nearby clinics for village people. • Temporary food aid does not solve the hunger problem. Fortified milk and plumpy’nut. “But the problem is when they go home, and there is no food” • Of $50 million needed for life-saving food and medical care, UNICEF says donor countries have chipped in only $6 million. Main Idea III: Severe drought leads to bad harvest and to a severe food crisis. • Obsolete farming technology. • Raining season does not help with Ethiopian harvest. • The U.N. estimates that 14 million people are starving in East Africa. • Ethiopia has become dependent of western aid handouts....
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Outline - of emergency supplements Main Idea II...

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