Zoo - Students full name: Juan Pesantez Primate College and...

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Student’s full name: Juan Pesantez College and class time: Palomar College / at 11:00 am Project turn-in date: 11/13/2008 Zoological park visited: San Diego Zoo The common name of the monkey I observed is: Eastern Angolan Colobus The common name of the great ape I observed is: Orangutan I will fill out the rest of the cover sheet. An “x” below means you had a problem with the following requirements: _____ Following directions Answer questions correctly in the appropriate spaces, observe the correct animals; and following instructions from the instruction packet You did not perform a complete spelling and grammar check (let your computer do some work!) You did not use vocabulary learned in the primate unit whenever possible _____ Content Research; quality of information; and completeness of answers – no answer should be blank on poorly answered All necessary pictures are included, and are of the subjects specified _____ References used, proper formatting, and citing your work e.g., did you give other authors the credit they are due? To not do so is considered plagiarism!!! Use only the references I have specified as valid for this assignment No outside sources may be used. Note: I also used information from the notes I took during the class, detailed information you gave us with the slides. _____ Turn this project in on time. Fifteen (15) points off each DAY it is late; you must submit what you have typed (checklists and pictures not necessary in the email attachment) by email as soon as you complete the project; this will determine the date I record for your submission of the project. Hand in a hard copy (the printed version) of the entire project the next time I see you. The email version and the hardcopy must be the same; otherwise I will only record the date on which you gave me the hardcopy. _____ You did not use full sentences, or you had too many sentence fragments If you do this frequently, I will automatically deduct a minimum of 10 points _____ Format Did you keep the format set up for this paper, i.e., you did not “omit” any questions, and you kept the integrity of the spacing, along with 1” margins. I need 1 ½ inch spacing to comment on your paper!!! I WILL deduct 10 points if you change this format. For some people, the paper does not “format” properly; make a note of that on this cover sheet, and don’t worry any more about it. Note: The paper did not format properly, I had to adjust it. Total points for monkey earned = out of 60 points Total points for great ape earned = out of 60 points Technical Points Minus _______ points because you had incomplete sentences and/or sentence fragments Minus _______ points for no or insufficient proofreading (perform a spelling and grammar check!) → I will examine spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence formation closely Minus _______ points for references and citations that are incorrectly done (or not done at all)
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Zoo - Students full name: Juan Pesantez Primate College and...

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