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ally analysis - Juan Pesantez English 100 Tu/Thur 11 am...

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Juan Pesantez English 100 Tu/Thur 11 am Applying a Motivation Theory on Her A regular day, she gets up at 7o’clock in the morning, because her class starts at 8:30 am at Palomar College, then after three hours of giving a hundred percent of attention, sharing with her classmates and always getting the highest grades in her class. Then, she rushes into her car because she only has twenty minutes to get to where she works, and as usual she makes it on time. From this point she will give another hundred percent of herself for a long eleven hours to her customers and employees. And not enough with it, she will have some energy saved for her boyfriend who is at this time of the night around 11:30 pm waiting desperately for her arrival because he has not seen her for more than half of the day, but still she would still have some time to spend it with him, although it is not that much time he understands that she needs to go to bed because something similar is awaiting for her the next day. The purpose and the goals she has set, are due to the persuasion of a better quality of life, the type of life she never had in her country, and also for the reason to provide to her family by sending money for her family. Alondra is a 23 year old girl who was born in Sonora-Mexico, an area where almost eighty percent of this state is desert. Her childhood stage was not easy at all; she was born and raised in a very poor but extremely lovely family. A big family of three boys and two girls including her, with an alcoholic father, who never gave the love and affection she needed, in fact, once she asked her mother if her dad was her biological father, because she never felt like he was. Fortunately her mother was able to
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make it up for the love Alondra needed, her mom raised the person her daughter has become today, with love and respect, good family values, and with founded religious principles. At the early age of 15, she immigrated to the US, and moved in with her relatives in California, but things were rough for her again, now she had to learn the new culture, language, in addition to the new family customs she had to get used to, and also the difficulties that a new high school has for a foreign student, such as the fact that now she did not only have to deal with this completely new school
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ally analysis - Juan Pesantez English 100 Tu/Thur 11 am...

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