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Tribute Speech real

Tribute Speech real - Tribute Speech All goals achieved in...

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Tribute Speech All goals achieved in life throughout sacrifice and perseverance are given gifts of god that should be considered and valued. Tonight I would like to share with you someone who has made a big impact in my life, my grandfather, Humberto Pesantez. My grandfather is a very hard working man, and despite of his very poor childhood living conditions, he was able to help support his seven siblings and yet became a successful business man. However, he did not know how to be on top of money and power. It is because of his example that I wisely consider all the actions and choices I make in my life, and not only for my own benefit, but for the future of my family. Although in his childhood he had to face a tough childhood, with lack of opportunities, Humberto’s trait of being a hard working man was a vital key to success. I always think and wonder how a child at the only age of seven was able to go to school in the mornings, always get excellent grades and after school be ready to go to work on the streets with a small sit, a brush and a piece of fabric to clean shoes, so that at the end of the day he would come back home to contribute some money to help support his other seven siblings. My grandfather is the oldest son
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