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EE319K Fall 2009 Final Exam Solution A Page 1 Jonathan Valvano December 15, 2009 (4) Question 1. List four experimental parameters to evaluate the quality of your new DAC. 1) The DAC range is the maximum and minimum DAC output 2) The DAC resolution is the smallest distinguishable change in output. The most dominate factor affecting resolution is noise . 3) The DAC precision is the number of different output values it can generate. Since, resolution is dominated by noise, and range is another term for signal, precision is very similar to signal to noise ratio . 4) The DAC accuracy is (Actual - Ideal) / Ideal where Ideal is the desired output. 5) A DAC is monotonic if an increase in digital value always causes an increase in analog value. 6) The speed of a DAC is how fast the output changes after the input changes. Similarly, the bandwidth of a DAC is the fastest sine wave that can be created. (6) Question 2. 10k Ω in parallel with 10k Ω is 5k Ω . V = 5V*(5k Ω /25k Ω ) = 1V (10) Question 3. Write a C function to sample ADC channels 3 and 4 of the 9S12DP512. unsigned short ADC_In34(void){ ATD0CTL5 = 0x93; // start at Channel 3 and do multiple channels while((ATD0STAT0&0x80)==0){}; // wait for SCF if(ATD0DR0>ATD0DR1) return ATD0DR0; return ATD0DR1; } (15) Question 4. Write three C functions that operate the SCI0 module.
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EE319K_FINAL_SOL_2009 - EE319K Fall 2009 Final Exam...

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