As people age - Mohit Patel Assignment 8 Elderly Drivers As...

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Mohit Patel 04/30/2009 Assignment # 8 Elderly Drivers As people age, their physical and mental abilities weaken, and makes it complex for them to drive safely. Elderly people are more likely to get into a car accident. And since they are more physically fragile, they are at greater risk of dangerously hurting themselves. We rely on automobile transportation more than ever. Like any other change, it is hard for the elderly to adjust to a life without cars. Most active elderly people are very resistant to giving up their independence. The Government should make it mandatory for elderly people to pass a written and road test when renewing their license, after a certain age. They have a higher crash rate than younger drivers, and put innocent lives in danger. Risk factors like Visual decline, hearing loss, slow reaction, and medication make it harder for elderly people to maintain safe driving. I was in an accident with an elderly driver, which almost put me in critical condition. Two years ago, I was involved in an accident, which nearly took my life. I was stopped at a red light; my vehicle was rear ended by a car going 60 mph. The driver of the other vehicle was an elderly man who lost control of his car. I suffered 3 herniated disks and was in bed rest for 2 months. While I was at the hospital, I found out that this gentleman was wearing the wrong lenses; therefore, he took the wrong medication, causing this misfortune event. Although I won this case, I lost two months worth of work.
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I was constantly under heavy medication due to a lot of pain from the herniated disk. It was an unforgettable experience that I want no one to endure. Recently, I was watching “The untold stories of ER”, and this case of an elderly
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As people age - Mohit Patel Assignment 8 Elderly Drivers As...

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