Children of Men1 - Mohit Patel 05/07/2009 Assignment # 10...

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Mohit Patel 05/07/2009 Assignment # 10 Children Of Men Children of Men, is a movie based on classic dystopian novel written by P.D.James in 1992.Book was brought to life by Alfonso Cuaron in January 2007. The movie was so well directed that it was nominated for 3 Oscars, also won 20 awards and 24 another nomination. Set took place in 2027, showing a picture of world that looks a lot like our own, but darker, grimmer, and brutally unsafe. Once known as beautiful London, now torn apart by violence and terror; a strong police force is always present, cars had hunched over solid cast on them, and streets sides piled with rubbish. World is drained of hope when humankind became infertile. The youngest person alive was 18years old, who gets killed after he refused to sign an autograph for his fan. Miraculously an African American woman gets pregnant and is being protected by Theo’s Ex-wife Julian, who is a leader of the pro-refugee activists. Julian asks for Theo’s help to safely assist Kee to an organization called Human Project; where they can study her baby. After nearly 19 years of infertility there might be some hope. The whole movie is mostly based on three main characters that are courageously on move to save humankind. Theo Faron, a former political activist, alcoholic, working- class British, living a day-to day life, doesn’t care what goes on out in the world. Theo and Julian (his wife)
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Children of Men1 - Mohit Patel 05/07/2009 Assignment # 10...

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