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Mohit patel Essay # 1 Word Count: 1,077 “A Doll’s House” 07/10/2009 Gender roles can be defined as the behaviors and attitudes anticipated by society’s members. Different cultures impose different expectations upon their members, who live in that culture. Gender roles are also constrictive in terms of masculinity and femininity, which are societal powers for male dominance and female submissiveness. These gender roles are also prominent in Henrik Ibsen’s play “A Doll’s House.” In the play, all the main characters are obligated to play specific gender roles assigned by society. Any changes in these roles can lead to negative images in society and can highly affect the family. As Ibsen portrays, women have no authority over financial matters (money), and live in an environment full of rules and restrictions; however, Nora breaks free of these rules and moves on to pursve her independence. Because of her gender, Nora has restrictions against borrowing money herself. Nora committed fraud when she failed to get signature of her father or husband in order to get the loan. Mrs. Linde says, “a wife can’t borrow without her husband’s consent” (1289). The society hinders women from borrowing money without the permission of a male guardian. Although, this might have seemed to be changed now in our society, in some cultures women are still restricted from financial matters (Indian Culture). When it comes to borrowing money, society sets diverse principles for each gender. In addition, Nora is constrained on how to spend money and what to eat. Torvald instructs Nora not to waste money on buying macaroons, and most certainly she promises not to go to the
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bakery anymore (playing submissive role). Furthermore, he complains to his “little
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doll's house - Mohit patel Essay # 1 Word Count: 1,077 A...

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