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Mohit Patel 06/15/2009 Assig # 3 Ad Analysis Advertisements often attract consumer by posting more attractive and logical ads in magazines. Magazines ads are usually one of the best ways to sell products and services. Since they are kept for long time, the ad keeps selling over the time. Marketers assure that their ad sends a strong message to consumers. Recently, I was glancing through the Men’s Health magazine, I came across the Nyquil ad and it totally grabbed my attention. It was a fairly simple ad but it related since it was winter time and I was suffering from cold symptoms. It stated very clear message that any consumer can be convinced to buy this product. In this essay you will find a clear positive argument on why this ad was marketed this way. It was brutal cold winter season especially in December when the cold and flu viruses took affect. Well, I was one of the people who was suffering from sever cold symptoms; runny/stuffy nose, coughing, and headache. I had just picked up a brand new issue of Men’s health magazine for my entertainment and health purpose. It could have not been any better time to come across the Nyquil ad in that magazine. Nyquil aka Vicks is been trusted brand since 1890’s, the term was derived from “nighttime tranquility”. ( ) They definitely sold the product to me; I went out and got me a Nyquil cold and flu liquid medicine. I was in desperate need to feeling better because I had show coming up in 2 days. So I went out and bought it because it felt like
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the ad was directly targeted towards me. It promised me something to that got me better
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magazine ad - Mohit Patel Assig 3 Ad Analysis...

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