Everything is Illuminated

Everything is Illuminated - Mohit Patel 04/08/2009...

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Mohit Patel 04/08/2009 Assignment # 7 Everything is Illuminated  Everything is illuminated is a movie about how to except your heritage and find where your roots are, where you really came from. This movie showed how a person’s character can change through life’s ups and downs. It’s mainly based on three characters that are on journey to Trachimbrod to find Jonathan’s family history. Alex was unlike his family, he dressed, acted, and lived different then his culture. This is slightly different than the movies we usually watch. Very emotional and hilarious at times, it sends viewers a message that people around us have different attributes hidden in them. The main thing that we notice was the change is Alex’s character, along with his grandfather character too. Alex is pretty much mature by the end of the movie. Alex was a very out going, and crazy guy in the beginning of the movie. He lived with his family and helped run their family business in transporting Jewish tourists. The club scene showed that he is a very good dancer, a popular and very outgoing guy. He
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Everything is Illuminated - Mohit Patel 04/08/2009...

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