reality shows - Mohit Patel 06/25/209 Assign # 6 Reality...

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Mohit Patel 06/25/209 Assign # 6 Reality Shows Media, decades ago took a new step in making television more entertaining by screening “Reality Shows”. Drama series, soap opera, and game shows were entertaining source on T.V. in the past. But now trend has change, with reality shows like Survivor, Average Joe, Bachelorette, and Big brother exposes so called the “real” world. It can be very entertaining and mind corrupting as well. Reality television is overtaking the networks and polluting the viewers’ minds with distorted pictures of reality. (2) Young children are the main target to these shows, since they are still on path to understanding social lifestyle. They choose TV as the entertainment source when not attending school or work activity. Like adults, most of them don’t work so the chances are they get bored easily and have plenty of free time around. Especially, not everything we observe on T.V is true and comparable to real social life. As we study this issue on macro level, we notice that reality shows are putting negative impact on our children. Although, there are some kid reality shows that can be inspiring and entertaining for our children. Mostly all reality shows are aired on Prime network and prime time, this way
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reality shows - Mohit Patel 06/25/209 Assign # 6 Reality...

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