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taj mahal self assesment - was detailed but yet explained...

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Mohit Patel 07/30/2009 Informative Speech Assessment Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and also very well know throughout the world. The topic was very significant to general audience; the speech was set to enlighten the background information and details about Taj Mahal. And the central idea was to take them to journey to making of Taj. Credibility was gained right from the beginning when I stated “I first saw Taj Mahal”. And the imaginative picture of beautiful creation was set in audience mind to gain their attention. In addition, audience was lured towards the speech by the display of striking visual aid set next to the speaker. Visual aids were effectively presented and supporting materials were reliable and artistic. Pictures of Taj Mahal in Different shades and tint were helpful when speaker was describing the shades in different times of the day. Speech was well organized with great introduction; the body (supporting material)
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Unformatted text preview: was detailed but yet explained briefly, and the conclusion was well summarized and audience was left with making decision to visit Taj Mahal. However, the conclusion needed to be revised and prepared more. Strong eye contact was kept with audience throughout but there were times that I felt like I was reading. I was not able to memorize certain lines. The topic was well researched and the material was accurate and relevant with giving specific time lines. Also, the lighting could use some improvement. The speech was delivered fluently and was thoroughly organized and revised; it also had some strong points that awake the audience. And the voice was heard loud and clearly with vivid language. Also there were no signs of dead air, the audience were getting information throughout. Speakers gave greetings and introduce and thanked at the end. All over, the speech was presented in a creative and original fashion....
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