memo - 4. In the Work Experience section, I reorganized the...

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To: Professor Maycock From: Monika Zota Subject: Resume Revision Date: 6 April 2010 MEMO Upon reviewing my edited resume it was clear to see where I made some careless errors. I have corrected all the spacing errors and added necessary information. There were also a few minor format requirements that I have altered, in order to make the resume more formal and easy to read . 1. I started off by increasing the contrast between my name and contact information: Monika Zota (804) 586-2436 2. Subsequently, I changed the “Education” section to more stylistically present my information by changing my major and G.P.A information to read without bullet points. - For Example: B.A., Finance ; Minor: Political Science , May 2012 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA Overall GPA: 3.6 3. I also changed Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University to its proper name: Virginia tech, in the “Education” section.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. In the Work Experience section, I reorganized the order of my jobs, with the recent being first. 5. Also, in the Work Experience section, I added my duties to each experience, to better understand and show my skills/duties.-For Example: Assistant Teacher to Smita Jain Classes on Jainism Glen Allen, Virginia-Assist children with homework and understanding-Assist in the planning of the course 6. Lastly, the Services section was renamed College Activities to show all activities lists were at Virginia Tech. (This idea was taken from a sample resume on the Career Services website) . The major errors I had in my resume: o Dates needed to be included for Work Experience information. o Spacing, fonts, and sizes need to be consistent throughout the document. o All grammar and phrasing should be correct to show skill and clarity....
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memo - 4. In the Work Experience section, I reorganized the...

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