Project Log for Business Writing final

Project Log for Business Writing final - 4:30 PM...

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5/5/2010 4:30 PM International Peace Garden At Cranwell Center (Virginia Tech Campus) Monika Zota Project Log for Business Writing Group name: Peace Daily Log: 4/12 I worked on the proposal, set up duties, and also handed out and received all the contact information for the project. I personally came up with a mock set up of the manual, interview questions 4/14 We collectively wrote up proposal and worked on the calendar. I personally helped with the wording of the purpose and the planning of the calendar. Also, I turned in my individual work profile and completed a draft of the project proposal with my group. 4.19 We went to peace garden- self guided tour- I took notes and got the idea of taking pictures and listing the name of the plant on a separate paper in order to keep as a check, and also took minutes for this day. 4.21 We went to the peace garden and interviewed with the Young’s and obtained all necessary materials. I asked a good amount of the questions that day. 4.26 I worked to help write up the background/history information for the manual and delegated the plant list to partners . 4.28 I researched my share of the plants to be researched and wrote up blurbs of information for each and pictures for recognition assistance. 5.3 I created the agenda for the Team and completed all the plant research. 5.5 FINAL Presentation; I did the introduction and introduction of the proposal; I also took the minutes and answered any questions made by the Youngs and Professor Maycock and Gail. Evaluative Reflective Questions: 1. What expectations did you have about the community partner project early in this course?
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Early in the course, I honestly was confused about what work would be entailed in the project. All I was aware of is it was very hands-on and would result in a concrete product used by others. As the project time grew closer, I was excited to finally have a project that directly assists someone or even an organization as a whole. As a business student, I have many projects, all of which are simply completed for a grade and then disappear or are forgotten. I am glad this project was not one of those. 2. What do you feel/think you personally accomplished in this project? Personally, I feel as if this for the majority was like any other project, with intense research and designing, however, the difference came in the outcome. I personally enjoyed and took a lot from the actual final presentation given to Professor Maycock, Gail, and the Youngs. This is because I was able for the first time to get direct feedback and criticism for the work completed, based on how well it meets the goal desired in the real world. Hearing the Youngs’ reaction gave me the experience to present my work in a manner in which I must justify it also. I cannot express how much this presentation, although informal, assisted me in getting an insight into my ability to handle such situations 3. Who do you think your efforts on the project will help in the future? What do you
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Project Log for Business Writing final - 4:30 PM...

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