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Project Log for Business Writing - Include stuff like what you will be responsible for, the date like if you took minutes - Work on profile report - [email protected] – email her because she wasn’t here - [email protected] [email protected] molecular - [email protected] group name: Peace 4/12 worked on proposal , set up duties I personally came up with a mock set up of the manual , interview questions 4/14 wrote up proposal and worked on the calendar, I personally helped with the wording of the purpose and the planning of the calendar. Also, I turned in my individual work profile and completed a draft of the
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Unformatted text preview: project proposal with my group. 4.19 went to peace garden- self guided tour- I took notes and got the idea of taking pictures and listing the name of the plant on a separate paper in order to keep as a check 4.21 Went to the peace garden- interviewed with the youngs and obtained all necessary materials 4.26 I worked to help write up the background/history information for the manual and delegated the plant list to partners 4.28 researched my share of the plants to be researched and wrote up blurbs of information for each and pictures for recognition assistance...
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