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tips for take home final psci

tips for take home final psci - -political culture as...

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1. 1. compare Mexican revl and Indian great rebellion on 1857 – were they seeds of democracy/ 2. brit left helped set democratic institutions when they left, what did Spanish do? 3. compare current global and regional role of Mexico and India- how did colonization impact it? 4. compare CURRENT Mexico and India – what are the roots of those?? Did colonization play any role? How did each countrys government and pop deal with it? --- choose one and run with it 2 -age of democracy, stability of institution – compare which is more stable – Nigeria insistent military and civil governments – compare stability -developmental challenges- dependency on single commodity; environmental degradation; aids; corruption
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Unformatted text preview: -political culture as colonial heritage-ethnic/racial conflicts- Nigeria ethnic and civil conflicts like civil war 3-nigeria:military regimes- ruled through oppression, patronage, corruption Russia- one party rule , secular national identity, semi-authoritarian & highly centralized s. Africa- apartheid, white rule, oppression china- one partyl highly centralized , censorship -succession PART 2 1. 1. age of democratic institution in Europe 2. –two world wars lived 3. long existence of a vision of united Europe 4. level of development 5. civil society’s role 6. leadership support 7. French also dreamt this for Europe 150 years ago- leadership is key 2. 1. skipped 3. 1. Third part 400-500 words...
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tips for take home final psci - -political culture as...

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