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notes exam 2

notes exam 2 - customer even noticing Types of Change 1...

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Chapter 10 Its key to look at the changes that are happening now. .. the decline 1. the market is becoming more segmented and moving toward more niche products- variety of products -its not about the small targets anymore because there are no constraints anymore -selling less for more 2. there are more competitors offering targeted products, requires faster speed to market- speed is the main weapon like in terms of spotting new opportunites, new services and products in a flash 3. Some traditional companies may not survive radically innovative change- they got to keep up! 4. China, India, Mex, Philippines-offshores suppliers are chanigng the way we work - outsourcing and many even call on us workers for talent related work- and other places for cheap labor 5. knowledge, not info is becoming the new competitive advantage - information workers are really data workers which machines can replace so knowledge is key - ex of outsourcing inventory type work without the
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Unformatted text preview: customer even noticing Types of Change 1. Reactive change- making changes in response to problems or opportunities as they arise- less time to think and get resources 2. proactive change - planned change involves making carefully thought-out changes in anticipation of possible or expected problems or opportunities Forces for change---1. demographic changes- diversity wise 2. market changes- causing new alliances and etc 3. technological advancements 4. social and political parties - llike drinking habits change wine sales INTERNAL 1. employee problems- job satisfaction 2. managers' behavior -conflict -like personality clash , may cause transfers Areas in which change is often needed: PEOPLE: perceptions (underpay feel), attitudes (managers), performance (pay by hr or windows), skills (improving with tech for ex) TECHNOLOGY-inputs to outputs and give comp adv STRUCTURE- divisional to matrix because one acquires another STRATEGY- to keep up...
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notes exam 2 - customer even noticing Types of Change 1...

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