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his135_appendix_c - Have I double-spaced the paper...

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Axia College Material Appendix C Final Project Checklist Use this checklist of questions to make sure you meet the requirements of an acceptable and collegiate paper. Yes Have I followed the directions provided in Appendix A for this assignment? Is there a title for the final project? Is each section of the essay marked with a subtitle so that the reader can see where one section ends and another begins? Even though each section uses a subtitle, does the first paragraph of that section also introduce the event discussed for that decade? Does each decade section briefly identify the event and then primarily focus on the background and impact of the event? Are main ideas distinguished by separate paragraphs? Does each paragraph begin with a topic sentence that defines its main idea? Does the last paragraph of each decade section bring the discussion of that event to a close with a summary or conclusion? Do the title page, paper setup, and margins follow APA format? Have I used Times New Roman or Courier New font?
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Unformatted text preview: Have I double-spaced the paper, including the title page and block quotations? Have I omitted the use of first and second person point-of-view in my paper? Have I indented paragraphs five spaces? Does each paragraph have at least 3 sentences? Have I avoided lengthy paragraphs? Have I cited my sources in the text for both direct quotations and paraphrases? Have I avoided the use of bulleted lists, contractions, boldface, slang, and HIS 135 abbreviations, per APA guidelines? Have I listed the resources used on a reference page at the end of the paper? Have I ensured all citations and references are in APA format? Have I met the minimum word count and not exceeded the maximum, as specified in the assignment? Have I deleted any vague or unnecessary words, such as okay , as well , very , things , really , a lot of , etc.? Have I read the paper aloud slowly to catch grammatical errors? Have I read the paper backwards if I need to catch spelling errors? HIS 135...
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