Kennedy's New Frontier - Running head: KENNEDY'S NEW...

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Running head: KENNEDY'S NEW FRONTIER 1 Kennedy's New Frontier Frank Telles Axia College at University of Phoenix The American Experience Since 1945 HIS/135 David Glauber May 21, 2010
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Kennedy's New Frontier How did Kennedy feel about big business? The Council of economic advisers wanted to give a way to increase to workers only if they produced more and kept prices down. Many of the major unions like United Steel Workers agreed to hold down their wages. But other steel corporations did not abide by informal bargain. They raised their steel prices which made Kennedy very angry. The president took his business to smaller companies that did not raise their prices. This soured relations between the president and big business community. What economical policy did Kennedy establish to relate with big business? Kennedy fought against federal regulations. His economic advisor Stephen Breyer drafted a bill to do away with civil Aeronautics Board (CAB). This gave airlines freedom to compete with other airlines. This is only one example of how he dealt with big business.
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Kennedy's New Frontier - Running head: KENNEDY'S NEW...

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