McCarthyism - Senate seat. McCarthy's charges were never...

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Running head: MCCARTHYISM 1 McCarthyism Frank Telles Axia College and University of Phoenix The American Experience Since 1945 HIS/135 David Glauber May 08, 2010
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McCarthyism What were McCarthy’s motives? McCarthy's motives were to enhance his votes for political gain. He wanted to spread fear in order to defeat his opponents in the Senate. There was a lot of hysteria and fears regarding communism in 1950 and McCarthy prayed on the fears of the country and the State Department. Who did he target? He targeted people in the State Department and charged them of communism. He had a list of people that were supposedly communist. But all these people had left the State Department and had been cleared by the FBI. He eventually defeated Millard F. Tydings for the
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Unformatted text preview: Senate seat. McCarthy's charges were never proved and were basically fraud and a hoax. What impact did he accusations have on people he accused? Many people like teachers have to take loyalty oaths, they had even banned the book Robin Hood because he stole from the rich to give to the poor and this was seen as too leftish. People were even screened for their choice of phonographic records, and even their subscriptions to newspapers. What are the largest implications of McCarthyism on American society? McCarthy had opened the door for anti-communists hysteria. Catholic leaders and conservatives saw McCarthy as a protector of communism and other foreign issues, although all his accusations and list of people were vague....
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McCarthyism - Senate seat. McCarthy's charges were never...

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