Nixon's Policies - why he was in office. According to his...

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Running head: NIXON'S POLICIES 1 Nixon's Policies Frank Telles Axia College at University of Phoenix The American Experience Since 1945 HIS/135 David Glauber June 04, 2010
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Nixon's Policies What strategy did Nixon use to save face for the U.S. upon its withdrawal from Vietnam? Vietnamization was one of the strategies that Nixon used to end the war; he went through troops from Vietnam and aided Israel. Nixon also had a secret plan to bomb Cambodia which he later revealed to the public. How forceful did he appear to be to get all sides give it to US demands? Nixon moved towards Detente and the China card and his Nixon Doctrine. Nixon opened relations between China and Russia. The China card would limit the Soviets from arms buildup and build up a concession pressure North Vietnam to make an end to the war. Would he have really used such force? Yes, I believe that Nixon would've used force because of the reactions that he was having
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Unformatted text preview: why he was in office. According to his staff he had hand on the new key or button. What was the Nixon doctrine? The Nixon doctrine was to move some of the military burden to contain other allies. Nixon and Kissinger were looking for new ways to stop Soviet power through negotiations to calm tensions. How did Nixon attempt to get certain countries involved in the Vietnam peace process? The signing of the Geneva peace treaties in Paris was one of the ways to involve other countries. The United States stopped treating the Communists as an enemy and they opened relations with China. Nixon also sold surplus wheat to the Russians. How did he affect the nations he attempted to involve? The treaty affect it the surrounding countries and forced South Vietnam to accept the treaty and Nixon was not very popular with these countries....
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Nixon's Policies - why he was in office. According to his...

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