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The Vietnam War - Running head THE VIETNAM WAR 1 The...

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Running head: THE VIETNAM WAR 1 The Vietnam War Frank Telles Axia College at University of Phoenix The American experience since 1945 HIS/135 David Glauber June 04, 2010
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The Vietnam War What role did students play? The college students had anti-war protests they objected to the military draft and some protesters burned their draft cards the protesters refused to obey introduction notices. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) denounced the war in Vietnam. It was inevitable the war in Vietnam and its denunciations was a consequence of American imperialism. The ideals of the United States many students believed had been betrayed by law in order that worse war and to protect them. The Vietnam War caused division between families, and friends. The students also rebelled by becoming hippies and going against the establishment. Who are the enemies and who were the friends these questions were asked by families and especially students when a national guardsman fired on a college campus and neighbors.
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