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vii The mechanical alloying (MA) process, using ball-milling and/or rod- milling techniques, has received much attention as a powerful tool for the fabrication of several advanced materials including equilibrium, nonequilibrium (e.g., amorphous, quasicrystals, nanocrystalline, etc.), and composite mate- rials. In addition, it has been employed for reducing some metallic oxides by milling the oxide powders with metallic reducing agents at room tempera- ture. The MA is a unique process in that a solid state reaction takes place between the fresh powder surfaces of the reactant materials at room temperature. Consequently, it can be used to produce alloys and compounds that are difficult or impossible to obtain by the conventional melting and
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Unformatted text preview: casting techniques. This book is intended primarily to serve as an introduction to the MA process, including a general description of the process, starting material requirements, the equipment, characterizations of the milled powders, and consolidation techniques which are used to compact the powder into fully-dense bulk materials. The book contains several typical examples of selected advanced materials that have been fabricated by MA. This book is aimed at materials scientists and metallurgists in industry. Researchers, senior undergradu-ate and graduate students may also benefit from this book. M. Sherif El-Eskandarany August 2000 Cairo, Egypt Preface...
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