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JEFFERSON’S WELDING ENCYCLOPEDIA ON CD-ROM © 2002 Global Engineering Documents. © 1997 American Welding Society Thank you for your purchase of the electronic version of the JEFFERSON’S WELDING ENCYCLOPEDIA on CD-ROM. This CD-ROM contains the JEFFERSON’S WELDING ENCYCLOPEDIA in PDF. To view these standards, you need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ with Search or later installed. The Windows® version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 5.05, with Search is included, and can be installed from this CD-ROM. Before loading the latest versionof Adobe Acrobat Reader, you must uninstall the old version. If the platform that you require is not included on this CD-ROM, please visit Adobe on the Web at www.adobe.com to download the version that you need. The JEFFERSON’S WELDING ENCYCLOPEDIA on CD-ROM contains links from the product bookmarks on the left side of the screen to standards, sections, figures and tables. To install or upgrade Adobe Acrobat Reader with Search:
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