Piaget development stages

Piaget development stages - Piaget stages of cognitive...

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Piaget stages of cognitive development and others
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Piaget - developed cognitive developmental theory - studied children cognitive processes - noticed children develop similarly and consistently respond to cognitive questions according to age group - thought people were born with cognitive schemes (internal cognivite schema's) like kids putting things in their mouths have mouth schema's and thats how these kids would figure out the world 3 things that effect cognitive schemes: 1.) assimilation - use old schemes you have to compare to something he knows when coming across novel items/experiences 2.) accomodate - alter your scheme in some way, not fitting stimulus into current scheme but adapting a new scheme, i.e. things that won't go in a kids mouth like animals. .. at least larger ones 3.) equilibration - the balance between assimilation and accomodation Piaget's 4 stages of cognitive development: 1.) sensory motor stage - birth - 24 months, using motor and sensory skills, around 2 vocabulary slowly develops 2.) pre-operational stage - from 24 months - 6 years old, develop more complex
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Piaget development stages - Piaget stages of cognitive...

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