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Sociological Theories in Sports

Sociological Theories in Sports - Chris Denaro Contemporary...

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Chris Denaro Contemporary Sports 381W Fridays 1:40-4:30 p.m. Midterm The Multiple Angles in which Sports and Society Intertwine 1. This article, carefully chosen out of the Daily News, is titled Dear Mama. Written by Stephan Bondy, the piece touches on Derrick Favors, the New Jersey Nets first round draft pick in last years draft, off the court. The writer talks about Derrick growing up having never met his father and being raised with two other siblings by a single mother. Despite not having his father around, Derrick has grown to make a name for himself. A conflict theorist would read this article and look at it from a much bigger, macro perspective. They would read this article, see that Derrick came from a poverty filled, crime ridden city, made it big and call it an aberration. They would say this is not the norm. That for every poor kid from a bad neighborhood that makes it out and makes millions there are hundreds of others that don't. That this system that Derrick followed to make it to the NBA is a flawed one because most of the stories don't have such a happy ending. That those who are working three jobs just to barely make ends meet like Deandra Favors need to rise up and gain some of the power the owners/employers have because they are not getting paid nearly enough for the hard labor they're being worked for. Not to mention that Derrick is playing a sport, basketball, to help undermine, dumb down and entertain the masses while the ones calling the shots get rich and richer off the public. A combination of the symbolic interactionist view and the conflict theory view gives you the critical theory. In relation to Mr. Bondy's article, a conflict theorist would again say that Derrick's story of triumph through early adversity is an oddity and not the usual circumstances. The conflict theorist would back up these statements with research proving the rarity of Derrick's situation. They would also break down the dyad relationship between Derrick and his mother, Deandra. About how
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Derrick treats his mother may be a symbol for how he treats all women. Sports are somewhat inconsequential to structural functionalist in the grand scheme of things. As long as the organism is going and working, sports are just a minor peg on the wheel. That being said, Derrick and this article would tie into the structural functionalism theory by stating he was raised by his mother, showing the family aspect of the organism. That he attended AAU high school and Georgia Tech college for the education institution of the organism. That's followed up by the sports institution where he plays for the New Jersey Nets now. All parts intertwined, and without the first two, Derrick very well may not have ended up at the last part of the organism, on the Nets team.
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Sociological Theories in Sports - Chris Denaro Contemporary...

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