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Chapter 2 review from Sports in Society

Chapter 2 review from Sports in Society - Review from...

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Review from Chapter 2 Sport in Society: Chapter 2 – This was the most boring of the three textbook chapters I was asked to cover for this assignment, imho. This chapter talked about the different sports theories; cultural theories, interactionist theories and structural theories. Cultural theories are of the ideology that values, ideas, etc. are either maintained or changed while playing or watching sport(s). This is intriguing when suggesting that some people alter their values/beliefs when watching a sports game. The interactionist theory is a fairly self explanatory title, it involves social interactions and the multiple relationships culminated through and sports. Lastly, structural theories are about social organization and patterns of relationships that influence opportunities, decisions and notions in sports. Simply put, it involves analyzing factors like status, role, social class and social inequality. As you will see in Chapter 5, sports can help widen the gap of social inequality.
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