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Reviews from Chapter 4 Sport in Society: Chapter 4 - What struck me of some interest were the three real athlete stories as studied by sociologist Gary Alan Fine, journalist Nancy Theberge and Don Wong. Mr. Alan Fine learned by observing a boys little league team that moral messages sent from those of authority, i.e. coaches and parents, are adult views and not necessarily age appropriate ones. It's early on that these boys are taught masculinity is equated through aggressiveness and their environment fosters a disdain for those less aggressiveness and weaker, all the while paying no mind to girls. This is sad because this has the potential to lead the aggressive kids to being bullies as they get older. If the aggressive ones are bullies it often doesn't take much to influence other kids from becoming bullies, making life miserable for those being picked on. .. all a scenario that is not only not prevented by the authority figures around the children, but encouraged. Journalist Nancy Theberge studied a women's hockey team and the social
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