Reviews from Chapter 5 from Sports in Society

Reviews from Chapter 5 from Sports in Society - Reviews...

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Unformatted text preview: Reviews from Chapter 5 Sport in Society: Chapter 5 - What I would like to focus on from Chapter 5, Sports and Children: Are Organized Programs Worth the Effect?, are some of the major trends in youth sports that are brought up in this chapter. The first major trend to talk about is the move away from public funding youth programs to more privatized/sponsored youth programs. As the authors Mr. Coakley and Mr. Donnelly mention, this is a negative and socially damaging trend. With youth programs being privatized more and more, this means these programs are becoming less and less accessible to lower income families. These privatized programs can charge anywhere from $35-$150/hour to have their child enrolled in their program. A percentage of the middle and almost all of the low income families will not be able to reach those kinds of demands for tuition, giving the children that has done nothing but be born into the wrong socio-economic class, no opportunity to play a sport of his/her liking that the mid-upper class...
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