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BIO 211 Online -1 - BIO 211 Microbiology Online assignment...

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BIO 211 – Microbiology Online assignment #1 Amy Forkey 9-27-2010 This assignment should be completed and submitted in paper form. The assignment is worth 10 total points. If the assignment is submitted LATE, you will lose 2 points per day that it is late. You may use the internet, your text and notes or any other sources to find the answers to these questions. 1. BRIEFLY describe the functions of each of these eukaryotic organelles: Flagell a- They are used for cellular locomotion in order to move things.  Nucleu s- The brain of the cell, it dictates what the other organelles should do. Stores DNA Nucleolus - Condensed regions of chromosomes where ribosomal RNA is being synthesized.               Cytoplasmic (Plasma) membrane - The thin layer of protein and fat that surrounds the cell. The  cell membrane is semipermeable, allowing some substances  to pass into the cell and blocking others. Golgi Apparatus - A flattened layered, sac-like organelle that looks like a stack of pancakes and is located near  the nucleus. It produces the membranes that surround the lysosomes. The Golgi body packages proteins and  carbohydrates into  Membrane-bound vesicles for "export" from the cell Endoplasmic Reticulum - (and the difference between the two types!) (Rough ER) a vast system of  interconnected, membranous, enfolded and convoluted sacks that are located in the cell's cytoplasm (the ER is 
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continuous with the outer nuclear membrane). Rough ER is covered with ribosomes that give it a rough 
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BIO 211 Online -1 - BIO 211 Microbiology Online assignment...

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