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flash cards micro chap 11

flash cards micro chap 11 - Question Death Phase You can...

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Question Answer Side 3 Death Phase Cells gradually die off in decline phase. You can estimate bacterial numbers indirectly by: Metabolic activity and Dry weight Most Probable Number (MPN) Statistical estimating technique that is used to estimate #'s of bacteria in liquid medium. Fungus would be filtered, dried and weighed. Standard Plate Count Each bacterium grows in to a single colony which is reported as a number of colony forming units (C.F.U.) Count by pour plate method or spread plate method. Filtration Bacteria stay on the surface of the membrane filter and then transferred to medium to be grown and counted. Direct microscopic count the microbes in the measure volume of bacteria are counted with the use of a specially designed slide (cell counter) Spectophotometer Indirect method of measuring microbial growth. It is used to determine turbidity (cloudiness) by measuring the amout of lifth that passes through a suspension of a cell. Measurement of metabolic activity of the population Indirect method of measuring microbial growth. Oxygen consumption and acid production ...... Completely independent neighboring microbes Two different oragnisms that live side by side. Mutualism each organism benefits from another Commensalism One organism benefits but causes no harm. Microbiota Normal microbes that live on humans and cause no harm unless they have an opportunity (opportunists) Eg. cut Compete for space on humans and in colon. Bacteria and yeast Antibiotics may kill _____ bacteria and cause _______ one to grow good pathogenic Moisture Most bacteria favor moisture T.B and Staph can withstand _____ and can live in ______ or food for _____ periods. drying dust long Drying food is one method of food preservation Photosynthetic bacteria reacquire light Most bacteria like __________ envirnoments. warm, dark, alkaline and moist environments.
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<< first < prev 1 2 3 4 next >last >> Properties of Spirochetes -helical or coiled form of spiral shape -will stain Gram - -very fast and motile -borralia disease is caused by ticks – Relapsing Fever, fever that comes and goes, another spirochete -Genus Leptospira, leptosporosis – can cause severe kidney and liver disease -dogs rats and wild animals pick it up and carry it in their urine -easily picked up in natural waters, look for signage Types of Spirochetes •Treponoma palladium •Syphilis can be treated •if untreated it will infiltrate entire body •Causes brain degeneration and sores and a very ugly death •Borrelia spp. •Lyme disease •difficult to diagnose and treat •moves throughout the body •joints,heart, liver, spleen, Bullseye rash on chest •3 months or more to treat constant medication •Borrelia species also cause relapsing fever •Leptospira •found in water or soils •ingestion of water •urination of animals spread it •kidney inflamation Properties of Chlamydias •obligate intracellular bacteria •reticulate bodies (when in cell) •offspring is elemental body •elemental bodies carry infection to other cells
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