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sociology notes - likely to comit suicide and found single...

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Sociology notes class one: Go to web study and view study notes for each test on powerpoint. sociologists study trends of behavior (test) sociologists study what is rather than what ought to be. (test) sociology is considered "soft science". pg. 9 of book ibn-khaldun 1332-1406- looked at impact of war on societies, 1st recorder of sociology not the father of sociology durkheim- anomie, said we are influenced by the people around us and did a study between catholoic and prodistant and which would be more likely to comit suicide and why. catholics are much less likely to comit suicide than prodistants cause theres much more support and structure than prodistant. he aslso did a study between single men and married men and who was more
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Unformatted text preview: likely to comit suicide and found single men all things within a community that hold everything together, helping eachother. Social concience Pg. 12 read and know about Functional perspective- all entities in a group that need all functions to survive,. . family-religion-education-economic-political. can break all theese parts down in any group. always a sense of cooperation, and strive constantly to maintain status quo, and when it changes( evolution) conflict- compitition-change-revolution "marx" economic republican-keep status quo- secure people at the top first democrat- quik change som-taking from the rich and giving to the poor unions....
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sociology notes - likely to comit suicide and found single...

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