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Microbiology Lab # 1 September 22, 2010 Amy Forkey, Carol C. berneice S. Purpose:  To identify the proper magnification of 3 major classifications; Bacteria, Algae, and Protozoan. Introduction: Materials :  Binocular compound microscope, 18 fixed smears, digital camera, oil emersion, loop, glass slides,  color pencils, and drawing paper. Procedure :  View slides and try to get the best visual magnification then draw or take a picture of the  specimen. In our case we drew what was seen from microscope and used colors from pictures viewed in class.
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Unformatted text preview: Data : 18 Drawings of fixed stains Results : Attached you will find the total magnifications used to view each slides with our drawings. Conclusion : See attached paper with Drawings and magnifications. References: 1. (Tortora, Funke, Case,) Microbiology, an introduction" 10th edition (pgs. 70, 71, 72,276,306,318,334,) 2. Poster viewed in class....
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