micro study good chap 6,7,11

micro study good chap 6,7,11 - STUDY GUIDE FOR CHAPTERS...

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STUDY GUIDE FOR CHAPTERS 6 , 7 ,20 (Tortora, Funke an Saving, please wait. ... Save Cancel Close << first < prev 1 2 3 4 next > last >> Question Answer Side 3 Physical requirements for microbial growth? Temperature: Minimum, Optimum and Maximum. pH: Osmotic pressure: Acidophiles grow in ________ environment. Acidic Most bacteria grow between pH of ___ and ___. 6.5 to 7.5 Molds and yeast grow between pH of ___ and ___ 5 - 6 Plasmolysis shrinking of the cell's cytoplasm What causes plasmolysis? Hypertonic environments, the increase in salt or sugar. Extreme or obligate halophiles require? High osmotic pressure and salt. Eg. Dead Sea. (30% salt environment) Faculative halophiles tolerate? High osmotic pressure. (2% salt environment) Chemicals required in microbial growth Nitrogen Sulfur Phosphorus Carbon Trace elements (inorganic required in small amounts) Nitrogen is found in? Amino acids, proteins Most bacteria decompose proteins Some bacteria use NH4+ andNO3- Sulfur is found in amino acids, thiamine, biotin Phosphorus is found in DNA, RNA, ATP and membranes PO4 3- is a source of _____. Phosphorus Trace elements inorganic elements required in small amounts. They are usually enzyme co factors: Iron, copper, zinc. Naturally present in tap water. Carbon is a structural organic molecule, energy source Chemoheterotrophs use organic carbon sources Autotrophs use CO2. Mesophelics cause infection in warm blooded animals eg. humans Endospores may survive usual ________ heat treatments. Eg. canning Most bactaria can withstand slight changes in ________ pressure osmotic Hypertonic environments increase salt or sugar, and cause plasmolysis. (water out of the cell) Extreme or obligate halophiles regire HIGH osmotic pressure Isotonic solution is ____________ 0.85-0.9 %NaCl
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Question Answer Side 3 %NaCl Hypertonic sloution is ______%Nacl 10% Obligate anaerobes No oxygen, LACK ENZYMES. Grow in deep wounds with O2. Saving, please wait. ... Home Directory New Flashcards Register Log In My Stuff Account Info Study History My Flashcards Saved Flashcards New Flashcards Card Files Clipboard Log Out Edit Flashcard Text Flashcards Image / Audio Flashcards Question Answer Side 3 Save You must be a full member to create or edit flashcards with images or audio. Full membership requires a small one-time fee. Learn more Close Flashcard list for: Microbiology Intro Tortora exam 2 10edition return to card set home Search With selection:
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micro study good chap 6,7,11 - STUDY GUIDE FOR CHAPTERS...

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