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Microbial Growth ± Microbial growth is the increase in number of cells, not cell size The Requirements for Growth: Physical Requirements ± Temperature ± ± Optimum growth temperature ± Temperature Category ± Psychrophiles ± like it cold, just below freezing, up to ~20 °C ± Psychrotrophs ± Grow between 0°C-20 and up to 30°C ± ± ± Cause food spoilage ± Mesophiles ± prefer moderately warm temps, ~20°C - 45°C ± Thermophiles ± Psychrotrophs ± Grow between 0°C and 20-30°C ± pH ± Most bacteria grow between pH 6.5 and 7.5 ± Molds and yeasts grow between pH 5 and 6 ± ± Osmotic Pressure ± Hypertonic environments, increase salt or sugar, cause plasmolysis ± Extreme or obligate halophiles require high osmotic pressure ± Facultative halophiles tolerate high osmotic pressure ± Halophiles - salt loving ± salt conc. in body ± salt conc. in ocean ± salt conc. in Dead Sea and Great Salt Lake The Requirements for Growth: Chemical Requirements ± Carbon ± Structural organic molecules, energy source ± Chemoheterotrophs use organic carbon sources ± ± N, S, P ± Trace elements ± Inorganic elements required in small amounts ± Toxic Forms of Oxygen ± Singlet oxygen: O 2 boosted to a higher-energy state
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Microbial%20GrowthSV - Microbial Growth Microbial Growth...

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