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Microbial Metabolism ± Metabolism: The sum of the chemical reactions in an organism ± Catabolism: ± Anabolism: ± Catabolism provides the building blocks and energy for anabolism. ± A metabolic pathway is a sequence of enzymatically catalyzed chemical reactions in a cell. ± Metabolic pathways are determined by enzymes. ± ± The collision theory states that chemical reactions can occur when atoms, ions, and molecules collide. ± Activation energy is needed to disrupt electronic configurations. ± Reaction rate is the frequency of collisions with enough energy to bring about a reaction. ± Reaction rate can be increased by enzymes or by increasing temperature or pressure. Enzymes ± Biological catalysts ± ± ± Apoenzyme: ± Cofactor: Nonprotein component ± Coenzyme: ± Holoenzyme: Important Coenzymes ± ± NADP+ ± ± Coenzyme A Enzymes ± The turnover number is generally 1-10,000 molecules per second. Enzyme Classification ± Most enzymes end with –______. ± Name usually indicates function. ± phosphatase: ± polymerase: add nucleotides to make polymers ± amylase: ± protease: ± ligase: joining of molecules, uses ATP ± What are some examples of non-ase enzymes? Factors Influencing Enzyme Activity ± Enzymes can be denatured by temperature and pH ± Temperature 1
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pH Substrate concentration Competitive inhibition Noncompetitive inhibition Feedback inhibition ± End-product (___________) of a metabolic pathway feeds back to an enzyme in pathway (usually early in path). ± Effector binds to allosteric enzyme altering shape of substrate- binding site. ± ± Pathway turned off. ± Why does the cell want to do this?
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Microbial%20MetabolismSV - Microbial Metabolism Metabolism:...

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