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Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation - 1 N.J Civil War Record...

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1. N.J. Civil War Record: Page 535. 3, Filbert Shellenberger , 2d Lieut, Feb. 23, '64, Mar. 22, '64, 3 Yrs, Serj. Oct. 10, '61, 1st Serj. April 30, '62; re-enlisted Dec. ... ../NJCWn535.html - Cached 2. N.J. Civil War Record: Index Page 141. Shellenberger, Filbert , 53, 535. Sheller, George, 315. Shelley, John 494, 1703. Shellhause, William, 565, 596. Shellman, Michael, 1693. ... ../NJCWidx141.html - Cached 3. Shellenberg - Civil War Service Records - Amos Shellenberg , info, unit, info, info, allegiance. View Record. Filbert Shellenberg , info, unit, info, info, allegiance. View baptized in Dan, Above is our Great Great grandfather. He was a Mennonite baptized in Bluebell, Pa… whose parents, John and Maria were probably the first generation in America. His daughter Marion Shellenberger O’Donnell was our grandmother Detailed history of Schallenberg/Schellenberg from Martin J. Shallenberger's book "Shallenbergers of Echo Mountain, Vol. 1". (I have not attempted to include all 79 pages from volume one or the 49 pages in volume two that cover history, only just some meaty sections that give you a jist of the content. This excerpt includes pages 13 - 21 , 27 - 30, and 37, without the numerous pictures and maps. I highly recommend getting a look at the book for the whole story.) Shallenberger - An Ancient Family The Shallenberger family is an ancient one. Its origin is lost in the obscurity of the Middle Ages. There are several European areas from which our ancestors may have migrated. For instance, the beautiful little town of Schallaburg, with its imposing Renaissance castle, lies about five kilometers south of the fortified abbey of Melk, Austria. Some 17 kilometers to the west is the Schallberg, a hill of more than 500 meters, located near the Danube, about four kilometers south-east of Grein and northeast of Ardagger, Austria. A Schellenberg hill, only 120 meters high, is located near the Danube, seven kilometers west of the former imperial city of Donauworth, in Bavaria. This hill was the scene of the battle of Blenheim, August 12, 1704, during the war of Spanish Succession. Two French armies with their ally, the elector of Bavaria, and the troops of the Duke-Bishop of Cologne, were defeated by the Imperialist's Grand Alliance of English, Dutch, and Prussian forces commanded by the English Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill, together with the Imperial general, Prince Eugene of Savoy. This victory freed Germany from French control. The Danube bridge at Donauworth was of strategic importance to the trade route between Italy and northern Germany and the town became one of the most powerful in the Bavarian region.
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Another town, Shellenberger, is located in the Precinct of Loewenberg, County of Liegutael/Silesia, Poland. In eastern Germany the village of Schallenburg is located near the Unstrut River southwest of Sommerda and east of Muhlhausen. Sommerda is 29 kilometers
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Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation - 1 N.J Civil War Record...

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